What is the Throat Chakra?  How do you know if it’s blocked?  How do you clear it if it is blocked? 


The Throat Chakra, or 5th chakra, is located logically right at the base of the throat.  This is such a powerful chakra.  The color associated with it is blue.  The characteristics related to blue and the throat chakra are trust, communication, and speaking your truth.  The physical parts related to it would be anything in that area of the body such as the voice and throat but also the thyroid.


When I do Soul Sessions or Space/Aura Clearings with clients, I see this blocked particularly when someone is having challenges with communicating with others.  Communication is challenging for so many and it is my belief that learning to communicate well is something many, many people struggle with.  Rather than speaking from a place of trust and truth, we often speak instead from lower chakras…..from the heart chakra if we’ve been hurt, from the solar plexus chakra if we doubt our own power, from the sacral chakra if we have suffered from sexual abuse, or from the root chakra if we don’t feel safe in the world.  As a result the throat chakra becomes blocked and then communication becomes even more challenging.  It’s a damaging cycle.


So, how does one end the cycle and clear the throat chakra if it’s blocked?

You can wear blue on days you know you are going to need to communicate clearly or that you are needing to feel or impart trust.

You can also use blue crystals such as Blue Lace Agate, Blue Kyanite (a personal favorite and seen in the image on the right), Blue Sodalite, and Lapis Lazuli.  Even Turquoise, a favorite of so many, is great for this chakra.  Since this is the throat we are talking about, making a pendant of these to wear on a necklace is ideal.  Or for crystals that are safe to do so, making a crystal infusion for this chakra would be ideal.  Please do your research as crystals containing lead or copper are not safe to use for charging water.

One thing I really like to do for any chakra clearing is to channel white light into it.  If you are feeling stuck with communication or trust, close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine white light energy flowing directly into the throat.  You may just want to see it going into the throat and then traveling down through the body through the other four chakras as well.  Or to cover all your bases, just imagine that light energy coming into the crown of your head and flushing your entire body.

If that doesn’t work and you’d like a full chakra and aura clearing, go get yours scheduled on my Space/Aura Clearing page!  If you’ve never had one or it’s been quite a while, then your chakras may just be more blocked than you can clear on your own.  And that’s totally OK.  That’s what I’m here for!

Do you have any questions about the Throat Chakra?  Just comment below!