You Can Master the Energy of the Universe

for Healing of Yourself and Others

And for Manifestation and More!


Dear Friends,

My spiritual path began with Reiki but even after becoming a Reiki Master I always felt inhibited by it and the symbols until I finally realized that the energy that I was channeling was a much higher vibration than Reiki. I have been channeling this energy for years and have seen miraculous changes in both children and adults in the following ways:

  • A child who had stopped walking, talking and was in severe pain with no physical explanation was released from the hospital and returned to walking and talking.

  • Removal of anxiety from both children and adults.

  • Children with autism who are not speaking begin to speak their first words.

  • Violent and/or other challenging behaviors have been minimized or eliminated.

  • Cessation of negative energy drains from current and/or past relationships.

  • Past life issues that are causing current life issues have been healed.

  • Auras and chakra blockages are cleared.

The list really goes on and on. The above are just a few of the countless examples I could list.

In addition, I have used this energy for Manifestation, manipulation of time and more.

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I am now offering training on this type of energy healing to the public. You will be mastering the use of the highest vibration energy the Universe has, what I call The Essence of the Universe.


In this training you will:

  • Receive an attunement in order to be a clear channel for the Essence, a high vibration energy. This clears any blockages you may have and further opens your intuition.

  • Receive knowledge of the science behind energy healing and “how” it works.

  • Review of chakras and body systems as necessary (dependent on knowledge of attendees.)

  • Review of ways this energy can be used.

  • Receive coaching around trusting what you receive intuitively.

  • Get hands-on/long-distance experience with your fellow classmates. (Hands-on is in-person class ONLY.)

  • Learn about distance healing and how to work on anyone, anywhere, even in other dimensions or lifetimes.

  • Learn about energetic cords and how to cut them.

  • Learn about negative entities and how to clear them. This is effective for people or houses/property.

  • Learn how The Essence can be used for manifestation, healing past lives, and more.

  • Receive a Master of the Universe Certificate

Testimonials from Past Attendees

“I have been working on myself, my husband, of course my kids! I have seen so many wonderful things in my kids, speaking up for themselves, finding their own way, taking some initiative in their own life! My husband has been more willing to talk to me and others. Looking at things he wants to change in his life, wanting to be a better person, eat better, spend more time with me! I feel a true sense of joy in my heart! I want to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. I feel more free,more sexual, more happy and free to laugh at myself and have fun. I am so wonderfully different! People keep asking me if I have had my hair done or lost weight or changed something else! It’s just the new me!!”~Amanda, San Angelo, TX

“I went to class unsure of what to expect, but I did have a desire and purpose to help heal others. What I got was more clarity, even though I had so much doubt in myself. I was able to work on people in class, something I had never done before, and also long distance. I was amazed at the results.
I now feel the energy that is “out of balance” and I am able to re-direct it/remove/release it.
After class, I felt like I had my sunglasses removed. Things seemed clearer and brighter. I now have more confidence in where I am going and what I am here to do. Thank you Julie and bless you!”~Diana DeAnda~San Angelo, TX

I have learned a few of the healing modalities. Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, Lightwave, Crystal Healing & Reiki, to name a few. After being attuned to be a Master of the Universe, I seem to have become more multi-dimensional. Not just in healing, but more in the flow intuitively. I have been practicing mostly on people long distance, but plan to also start working on myself as well. I am VERY glad I took the class.“~Jan, Austin, TX

I am more energized than I’ve been in a very long time. I am awake at around 6:30 every day. I am more patient – every where, but especially in traffic and definitely with people.” ~Robin, Austin, TX

I’ve used this healing work on a number of people and situations this week (first week following class), all of which have had pretty immediate results. My boyfriend has chronic stomach issues, and within 5 minutes his pain was gone. I used it to alleviate my muscle soreness after a really deep massage. I even used it to make a 40 minute drive only take 20. My intuition, with both big and little things, has been really sharp. It’s clarified the information I get. This is fascinating stuff, Julie!“~Trece, Austin, TX

This Training is For You if You:

  • Want a healing modality that is with you at all times. Once you are open to it and know how to use it, you will always have it.

  • Want a modality that has limitless possibilities for application in your life.

  • Have a child with special needs (or are a caregiver of any type).

  • Want to help loved ones, friends, clients, etc. with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

  • Want to raise your own vibration and drastically increase your intuition.

  • Want to heal yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually.

  • Want to create or improve a healing or intuitive practice


DATE:  February 6, 2016.  If you are interested in taking this course, please email Julie at and let her know.  People from all over the country and the Austin area are planning to attend at this point.

TIME: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Central time

LOCATION: Address in Leander, TX given upon registration

INTRODUCTORY COST: $171 (Capacity is 8!!)

Beginning one week prior, the price will go up to $207.

You can call me at 512-931-4325 to purchase or you can purchase below via Paypal.

Get signed up now before the class fills up!!

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