TemperanceSometimes you just want a quick answer and you don’t want to have to consult someone such as myself.  A simple way to do this is to use a form of divination such as tarot or oracle cards, a pendulum, runes, etc.  Essentially, a divination tool is the voice of your soul and the Universe.  It’s a way to see the answer in a physical way, to get answers to an innumerable number of questions you may have about your life, your journey and even that of others.

Although the questions are as unlimited as the people asking them, here are a few examples of questions you can ask a divination tool:

  • Is it in my highest good to do X?

  • Is it my highest good to make this purchase?

  • Is this supplement or medication one that my (or my child’s, spouse’s/partner’s) body needs?

  • Is my lost item in this room?

  • What will the final outcome of this situation be?

  • What do I need to know about X?

  • Is my relationship with this person a good one?

dowsers-question-chartThere are many, many different types of divination out there.  You have to determine the best one for you.  The first type I learned how to use was a pendulum, which is a form of dowsing.  Other forms of dowsing include water witching and dowsing rods.  I loved my pendulum but I was able to manipulate it too easily and therefore didn’t get accurate answers.  Therefore, it was not ~my~ form of divination.  But many, many people love using a pendulum and do so with great accuracy.  Muscle testing is similar to dowsing and uses the body as the “tool.”

My preferred form of divination is the use of tarot and oracle cards.  While there has been negative connotation associated with them, one must consider the intention behind their use.  This is true for any type of divination.  If the intention is positive and empowering, then the messages given will be positive and empowering.  There are countless types of tarot and oracle cards on the market.  You can buy them new or used.  I have purchased many of my decks in used book stores.  Sometimes they are new and sometimes they are like new.  I have also purchased cards in metaphysical book stores and on Amazon.  If they catch your eye, then pay attention to that.  The art on them is important to me.  It has to call to me.  I use different decks of cards for different purposes at times.  Some people who read cards only use one deck.  I use multiple decks every day for myself and for others.  You have to do what works for you.  I was finding that different decks had cards with different meanings and I wanted to include them all, so I started using multiple decks. But if I just want a quick answer, I gravitate to one deck in particular.  And all of that is perfectly okay.

Some people prefer to use a particular card layout, with each location in the layout having a different meaning.  Some people just prefer to pull cards and read them individually or as a “story.”  Again, you have to do what is right for you.  I typically just pull cards and don’t use a prescribed layout.  But in some instances you may want the structure of a layout.

divination-toolsThere are many other forms of divination out there.  Some other examples include:

  • Runes–Each rune has a different letter on it from the Germanic alphabet, and each letter has a different meaning.  Runes are usually small pieces of wood, bone, crystal, etc. and they are held in the hand and “cast” out.  Or you may even just draw your choice of runes for an answer.

  • Crystal Ball–Yes, people do read crystal balls.  This takes practice in order to see the images/symbols that appear in the ball.

  • I Ching–A form of Chinese divination based on the ancient I Ching divination text.  Typically seen as coins with a square cutout in the middle or as yarrow sticks, they are cast and the formation of the coins or sticks provides a message.  (Very simplified definition.)

  • Tea Leaves–Again, this is a form of divination that IS used by some still, although it’s not as commonly used as other forms.  The formation of the leaves provides a message.

  • Crystals–Different types of crystals have different meanings so using small crystals to “cast” can provide messages and insight.  One may designate a layout or pattern as is used in cards.  This is known as lithomancy.

  • Scrying Mirrors–Similar to crystal balls, but less expensive typically, these look like black circular plates but they have a highly reflective/shiny surface.  They are “read” by seeing images in them, as are crystal balls.

  • Boards–The most common of course is the Ouija board, but other boards are printed on cloth for ease of use when traveling.  A planchette or other tool is used to move around the board or point to symbols on the board to provide answers.  Ouija boards have received a great deal of negative attention in the media, but as with any other divination tool, a knowledgeable user with only high/good intentions can use them with accuracy and ease.

muscle-testing-thumb-forefingerIn order to come to trust the form of divination you use, I recommend using it regularly.  If you only use it on the really important, emotionally-charged issues, you may not know if you can trust the answer you receive.  Therefore, you should start by using it on less-important issues where you can verify the response.  Using the divination tool that is yours on a regular basis will provide more and more accuracy, and you will reach a point that the accuracy will sometimes surprise even you.  Personally, I use my cards every single day.  I use them for small decisions and big decisions.  I use them for myself and for others.  I also occasionally use muscle testing if I’m away from home and don’t have cards with me or am not in a place where I can use them.  For instance, I use muscle testing if I’m unsure whether or not to make a purchase.  There are many forms of muscle testing so again, do some research and find the form that works for you. I personally use whole body testing but some people use the forefinger and thumb method as seen in the image.

The bottom line is that you have to find the form or forms that work best for YOU.  If a particular form interests you, then do a little research and give it a try.  If like me, you find the first form isn’t providing accurate results, then try a different type.  It will feel a little like “coming home” when you find the form that is best for you.  Trust that feeling when you get it.

What forms of divination have you used?