Sharing what I do and what I know is my passion.  And I’d love to share it with your group!

I speak on the following topics and/or can provide the following for your events:

  • Gallery Readings–I provide readings to individuals in attendance in a group setting.  Depending on the size of the group and the time allotted, each person may or may not receive a personalized reading.  But everyone benefits.  These can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your group/event.
  • Personal and Corporate Events–I can provide readings to those in attendance, whether it be a Corporate event or a private party.  This includes holidays, birthdays, Girl’s Night Out, etc.  The only limitation is the one you create.  🙂  My only limitation is that I will not dress up in a gypsy or fortune-teller costume.  I’m a professional and I provide a professional (not gimmicky) service.  Otherwise, I like to have fun and make sure that your guests are empowered and feel good about themselves.
  • Teaching “How to Read Oracle Cards” to your group
  • Teaching the “Master of the Universe Energy Healing course” to your group
  • Speaking on any of the below topics:
    • Extraordinary Self Care
    • Self-Care for Parents of Special Needs Children/Caregivers
    • The Power of Forgiveness
    • Self-Empowerment
    • Trusting Your Own Intuition
    • Intuition Development
    • Marketing Your Metaphysical Business
    • Any other topic you’ve heard me consistently address
    • Ask me if I can speak about it.  🙂

I may be able to do some of these via Skype, so feel free to ask.

Call me at 512-931-4325 to book me for any of these.  Prices will vary according to time and expertise involved.  You may also click on the Contact Me button above and send me an email.