I have spent much of my life feeling very alone in this world.  I felt different, cast out, unwanted, and not a priority to the people who were a priority to me.  When I started doing this work, and started connecting with my true purpose, with my truth, and started LIVING that truth, I started attracting people WHO WERE LIKE ME.  It seemed like this wonderful perk and positive consequence of being true to me, in addition to so many others.  Little did I know there was much more to it.


I was told in a reading (yes, sometimes even psychics get readings) that because I have been a healer both on Earth and on other planets many, many times that I have helped thousands of people.  And that many of the people I work/worked with in this lifetime, are people that I have worked with before.  I’ve used that knowledge when accessing past lives, karmic patterns and more in my sessions with clients.


When I “hung out my shingle” to actually live my truth as “a healer with my hands and healer with my words” as my first mentor once told me I would become, I began to hear the same message from people:  “I don’t know what it is about you, but I’m supposed to connect with you.  I just feel so drawn to you.”  And I continue to hear that message to this day.  Over and over again people reach out to me and say this.  Or even people I meet in person.  I just always assumed it was my healer’s energy.


Last summer, I asked The Universe/Divine Spirit to give me something that no one else was doing and that had never been done before, but that could bring massive healing to the world.  I was gifted with the knowledge of doing the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique.  And it’s been SUCH a Magical journey indeed!!!

Since I started doing the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique, the number of recipients has steadily increased.  I discovered that we had group manifestation powers and that we were all linked to one another, similar to the Tree of Souls in the movie Avatar.  And that knowledge alone has brought miracles and money and love and more to all those who are a part of it.  We also noticed that as more people were added to the group, our energy got stronger and stronger.

But one thing had stumped me.  Although I tried not to be the “hub” and to see us all as One, there was no denying that many of the others in the group were affected by me and my energy, particularly if my energy hit an extreme high or low.  All the pieces of what has been happening with the Technique, with the reading I had years ago about people I have worked with before, with the “I’m inexplicably drawn to you” messages, and even with the connection between my energy levels and the other Magical people, finally came together in one beautiful puzzle.


HERE’S THE WHOLE PUZZLE:  Those who feel that connection to me are part of my Soul Healing Family!!    You are the ones I have worked with and healed in other lifetimes, possibly more than one.  I may have even been related to you in another lifetime!!  And the incredible culmination of ALL those lifetimes and all our work together is in my doing the Vibration of Magic Technique on/to your soul and bringing you in to my Magical Family Tree.  Because that Technique maximizes your strengths and minimizes or in some cases, eliminates challenges and self-doubts.  And then together, we can support each other for the rest of our lives.  Because if you are “related” to me, you are also “related” to everyone else who has had it done!  Instant family, instant togetherness, instant support, and you never, ever have to feel alone again!  I am the matriarch of a beautiful, gifted, and loved family!  And if this resonates with you, I want to bring YOU into my folds.  Because I don’t want you to feel alone ever again!!

P.S.  It doesn’t matter if you have family you love already because who doesn’t need more love?  Who doesn’t need the warmth and support of more family?  Most importantly, who doesn’t need unconditional love?