What is a limiting belief?  It’s a belief we tell ourselves over and over that limits us from fulfilling our destiny, from living in peace, from manifesting our dreams.

I learned the most details about them by reading Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities and from becoming a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.  But in a sense, we hear about them in some aspect all of our lives in most pep talks.  There are some examples:

  • You have to believe in yourself.

  • You have to believe you can do it.

  • If you don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen.

  • See yourself doing X (winning the race, holding the award, making the A on the test, etc.)

By looking at our family history, experiences, childhood, life cycles and patterns, and so on, we can often ferret out where our limiting beliefs originated.  Perhaps your mom said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  Or your grandfather said, “Nothing comes easy.  You have to work hard for it.”  These are common examples of limiting beliefs.  There are as many though as there are people.  Perhaps you say to yourself, “I hit EVERY red light.”  Or, “I never catch a break.”  By saying these things you are exposing your limiting beliefs.  Paying attention to your words and thoughts will expose many of your personal limiting beliefs.

Sometimes even our pets or kids can help us identify limiting beliefs.   They will reflect back to you in a variety of ways your own self-doubts, fears, etc.  Although sometimes it’s through positive behaviors, more often than not, their challenging or attention-seeking behaviors are the ones that are the reflections.  They (particularly our pets) are here to show those limiting beliefs to us so that we can identify them and make a shift for the better in our lives.  (I give one of my own pet examples below.)

Once identified, you may recognize that any limiting belief comes from an experience or person from your past.  You can then do what I call “Flip that Thought” (something I teach in my Infinite Possibilities coaching: Contact me for details) where you replace the limiting belief with what you WANT instead. And you start repeating that thought to yourself anytime the old limiting belief rears its ugly head, thereby replacing it.


Here are a couple of examples:

1) Limiting Belief:  Money just slips through my fingers.

New Flipped Belief:  Money flows both to and away from me so that I can fulfill all my dreams and desires.

2)  Limiting Belief:  I am broken.

New Flipped Belief:  I am WHOLE.

Or maybe it feels much deeper than this lifetime.  Maybe you can’t identify a source, or it just doesn’t feel like that source is significant enough to create such an impact on your life.  Some of my clients come to me for just this reason.  They have recognized a pattern, habit, addiction, etc. in their life that they can’t seem to find a solution for.  They feel like they have tried everything in their power to correct it and nothing has worked.

I really have two solutions for these more intense cases:

  1. I can do a past life reading and healing in a Soul Session.  In this session, I ask to be shown the original past life that is causing the issue.  Once I see the issue, I do energy work around the experience to create healing for that lifetime and all future life times, including the current one.  Here’s a testimonial from a long-time client about this exact topic: 

    “You told me that we were both gypsies in our prior incarnation together and that my younger sister was a man and the Gypsy ‘boss’ – that I was the one who was gender divergent in that lifetime and some other details. Everything resonated SO strongly even though it was the furthest thing from what I was expecting to hear. It explained so many things – like the fact that my ‘little sister’ was always trying to boss me around and was always so critical no matter what I did lol! Anyway – you cut the cords and I instantly felt relief! I even sighed! My relationship with my sister has shifted drastically since that session and we are getting along better than ever! Pretty AMAZING!”

  2. To really do a clean sweep on limiting beliefs, I do the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique.  This Technique is one I discovered and essentially it releases fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs no matter if it’s this lifetime or a past one.  The “magic” really translates to peace.  You have peace when you are not paralyzed or stymied by fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.

    Using the pet example above, I will share one of my own experiences where a belief was so deeply seated I felt it came from past lifetimes but continued to manifest in this one:  I had a series of rescue dogs come through my life that were all afraid of men.  When I took time to look at the pattern, I recognized that they were reflecting a deep-seated limiting belief that I didn’t trust men!  This was also reflected in my relationships with men.  All my significant relationships (going as far back as my own father) were with men I couldn’t trust to support me, respect me, and stand by my side.  Once identified, I was able to release it quickly because I had done the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique on myself.  I also believe the Technique enabled me to actually discover this one because although I had cleared many cords with men and related experiences in this lifetime, it was evident that I still had the limiting belief.  Once I identified it and it was released, my dog Cowboy, a rescue Labrador Retriever, started relaxing and has had no issues with men at all. I really believe this was a past life or even generational limiting belief.  My mother has always had relationships with men who she couldn’t trust for one reason or another and I even remember my maternal grandmother sitting at the dining room table with me when I was a young teen telling me that “living with your grandfather is like living in hell on earth.”  He was an alcoholic and virtually did nothing on their farm.  My grandmother did most of the work, even the physical labor.  


As to why these beliefs maintain in one lifetime after another, it varies from person to person.  Typically it’s simply that you haven’t learned everything you need to learn from it.  You haven’t as Elizabeth Gilbert says above, gotten “tired of your own bullshit” and truly WANTED to change.  😉  Sometimes they are a lesson in forgiveness, either forgiving yourself, or forgiving others.  It really depends on the belief itself and where it originated.

There are many, many resources in the world to assist with changing your limiting beliefs.  It really CAN be just as simple as deciding that you don’t want to think that way anymore and you decide what you DO what to think.  However, if you’re trying that and it’s just not working, then you may need some additional help from me or someone else who does limiting belief coaching and soul-level energy work.

I have ALSO started doing this soul-level work on animals who have challenges.  So, whether it’s you or your pets, I can help if you struggle with finding a solution yourself.

What is the result of eliminating all your limiting beliefs?  The ability to manifest ANYTHING you want.  A deep-seated peace that is almost mind-blowing because you’ve likely never felt anything remotely like it.  It’s a joy, a feeling of being grounded, an inherent trust that you are SAFE, and peace.  Did I mention peace?

Have you flipped or released a limiting belief and have had a dramatic change in your life?  Tell me about it below in the comments.