I’ll be honest….I haven’t studied mythology extensively.  Growing up I was much more interested in animals and that was what I spent my spare time reading about.

Recently I began to get what I call “intuitive hits” to consider the possibility that I am an incarnate goddess.  When push came to shove, as it often does with me, as I can be a little stubborn and also have some self-doubt, I finally did a post on Facebook, asking if this was even possible.  (Hey, I told you I hadn’t done much research for those of you that are rolling your eyes right now.)

I knew when one particular person responded to that post that they would have more specific information and when I asked that person to “tell me who I was,” they reeled off a primary and then two “secondary” goddesses that I had components of.  It got me started on researching goddesses from various cultures and below is who I determined I embody.

I want to share my experiences and thoughts and then I will give you guidance on how to determine if you have a connection to goddesses or gods (or both) in addition to the Universe/God/Goddess that is embodied in all of us.


Isis–Egyptian Goddess

Kali–Hindu Goddess

Ix Chel–Mayan Goddess, The Moon Goddess, Lady of the Rainbow


The three share some similar traits.  I’ll detail these here:

  • Manifestations of the Divine Mother

  • Aspects related to Motherhood and also fertility.  Feminine creation/energy.

  • Death and rebirth.  Associated with burial sites. Worked in some way with “dead souls.”  Isis helped them cross over, Kali was associated with death and rebirth, and Ix Chel was a “keeper of the souls of the dead.”

In other ways, two of the three share traits that are common and that I connect with in some way:

  • Isis and Ix Chel both were associated with floods and providing rain and water.  They are both associated with the lotus.  They are both associated with healing.  They both have association with vultures in some aspect.

  • Kali and Ix Chel are both associated with snake, the symbol of death/rebirth (Kali) and also of healing (Ix Chel.)  They are also both associated in some aspect with sexuality.  (Kali is of course known for her relation to Kundalini energy.  And Ix Chel with her relation to fertility.)

  • Isis and Kali are both linked to being Mother Nature.

Individually, they have traits that I strongly resonate with and see in myself.  Some of these may be a repeat, but I still feel the necessity to detail them.  🙂


  • Her connection to water and nature.  Being close to natural water sources and out in nature is where my soul gets healed.  Nature speaks to me via animal totems, particularly.

  • Goddess of the Underworld.  She helped spirits cross over.  I have done this for countless spirits, particularly if they died unexpectedly.

  • Being from Egypt.  I have a strong connection to Egypt and always have, long before I knew anything about metaphysics.

  • Goddess of Motherhood.  Being a mother to my own children but I have also carried strong motherly roles to other children as well.  I worked with at-risk children for years, the children who most need a strong mother figure.

  • Connection to protection and healing.  Being a healer IS my purpose.  I frequently find myself in a protective role.

  • The symbol of the lotus….arising from darkness to bloom beautifully.  She is also associated with the phoenix.  I have a woman phoenix tattooed on my arm. That’s it in the picture.  (Idea by me, design and tattoo completed by artist El Sando of Dovetail Tattoo in Austin, TX)

  • The vulture is a totem that has been with me often.  Images of her frequently include a vulture.




  • Kali is associated with the death of the ego.  She is often depicted holding a bloody head and a sword.  The head is where the ego lies.  In order to return to enlightenment, we must be rid of the ego.  She is known as the Goddess of Enlightenment or Liberation.  This topic (the ego) was presented to me recently and I realized that while I am very humble in most cases with regards to my purpose, I needed to call on Kali to eliminate the remainder of my ego. I also think that frequently what I am clearing from people is the anxiety and blockages that their ego emits.  So, in effect when I am clearing that, I am embodying my aspects of Kali.

  • Kali is known for her fierceness in battle against demons.  From the very beginning of my work as an energy healer, I have been exorcising demons, dark entities, attachments, psychic attacks, etc.  Not once have I ever felt fear.  It was only until I had been doing it for some time that I discovered that very few people do this work.  A fellow energy healer described me as a Warrior in the fight against darkness.  This is clearly my Kali energy coming into play.

  • Kali is also known however as a Gentle Mother.  She has the power of the shakti, or female energy.  She is the manifestation of the Divine Mother.  As mentioned above with Isis, my role as a mother in this lifetime has transcended my own children.  But with a son with special needs, I have been especially called into the role of mother.  I find the term “Warrior Mom” as is ascribed to many mothers of children on the spectrum, to be particularly relevant to Kali.

  • Kali is often depicted as black or dark blue.  Essentially, she is a formless void that is also full of potential.  (Consider that the color black includes ALL the colors of the spectrum.) I see this in EVERYONE, not just myself.   She is a transcendent power of time.  I think she would be especially effective to call on for manifestation.  She is also sometimes depicted nude, free from all illusion.  This again relates to the ego.  She is beyond name and form, the embodiment of totally illumined consciousness.  (Give me time, I’m working my way up to this.  😉  )

  • She is again associated with death and rebirth.  As a medium and energy healer, I speak to spirits, help them cross over, help them communicate and in many cases give people a new life with these things and with the energy clearing work that I do.

  • She is associated with the snake.  Snake is associated with death and rebirth also (think of a snake shedding its skin.)  It is also associated with healing (think of the caduceus, the symbol often associated with doctors, ambulances, etc.) I had pet snakes in college and have never been afraid of them, even in the wild.  I respect the poisonous ones but I’m not afraid of them.



  • Being a Mayan resonates strongly with me.  I was told years ago that I lived a past life as a Mayan healer.  In college and in my 20s, I was repeatedly recognized by Spanish speakers as being able to enunciate my Spanish words very clearly and authentically, despite my strong Texan accent.  😉  I never understood it until I learned about my Mayan past life.

  • As a Moon Goddess, I see the connection.  I adore sitting under the stars and moon.  It brings me great peace and solace.  It feels like home.  Many of you look to me for my reminders of the moon’s state.

  • I have already previously mentioned both her status as a Goddess of fertility and healing and my connections there.

  • She too was associated with bodies of water and giving life with water.  I previously mentioned my connection to water with Isis.

  • As with Kali, Ix Chel is associated with the snake, a symbol of healing powers.

  • Ix Chel was known for taking charge of her life when faced with adversity, something I have long been known for.

  • Ix Chel has an association with jaguar.  There are a number of big cats that have accompanied me throughout my life as totems or guides.  Jaguar/black panther is one of them.  It’s a very strong energy for me and now I know why.

  • She was a keeper of the souls of the dead.  Connection explained previously.

  • She too has an association with the lotus and the snake, which was her totem.

  • Because of her connection to the moon, menstrual cycle and fertility, she is associated with sexuality.  Many of my clients know my lack of judgment in relation to sexuality, and my sex-positive philosophy.

I’ll be honest and say I detailed some of this for my own purpose.  Sometimes putting things down in this way help you to see the connections.  But I know that my experiences often happen in order to help others.  So, how can you apply my experience to your life?  Here are a few ideas:

  • If you have a particular country or culture that you identify with, look up the gods/goddesses associated with that area or culture.

  • Look up your own gifts and strengths and the gods/goddesses that might also have had them.

  • Ask myself or some other intuitive you trust to tune into you and see if any gods/goddesses appear as possibilities.  In my case, the person who gave me mine only got 1 out of the 3 correct, but he led me down the path to finding them.  That’s what I needed.

  • If you know you have lived past lives somewhere, look at the gods/goddesses associated with that area.

  • If you know your animal totems or guides, compare those with gods/goddesses.

 These should be enough to get you started if you don’t already have some idea.  As awareness rises, I think we will discover that these high vibration beings are as accessible as we need them to be.

I for one have already started calling on them in my energy healing work.  It has certainly given a turbo charge to my healing work!  Do you know who you might embody?   Please share below if you do.  I am fascinated by the possibilities.