After doing this work for 6 years now, I have both experienced transformation myself and seen many clients going through it.  So, are you going through transformation yourself?  These are some of the signs that I have experienced and seen.  It could be that you experience 1 or 2, or several of them.

  • just-when-the-caterpillar-butterflyGoing through extra challenging times.  The saying “It’s always darkest before the dawn” can be accurate for some.  This can be especially true if you are clearing 1) karma with another person or 2) a recurring karmic cycle from previous lifetimes.

  • Seeing lots of butterflies, snakes, or beetles (whether in real life, in dreams, on the television, social media, in print, etc.)  All of these animal totems carry a message of transformation.

  • Getting what I call a spiritual “upgrade” in your intuitive abilities.  You have a spiritual experience, whether in meditation or in some other conscious experience.

  • Dreaming about some aspect of growth.  Maybe it’s a withering tree that grows strong, or a flower growing from a seed to a full blossom or some other sign of growth that has significance to you.  Nature has many signs of growth and you may see these or other symbols of growth in your dreams.

  • You are letting go of or moving out of relationships or situations that are toxic or that you’ve outgrown.

  • It almost seems as if you’ve flipped a light switch in regards to wanting things to be different in your life.

  • You have a surge in energy, a new focus in life.

  • You decide to forgive, whether that is yourself or someone else.  Forgiveness is very freeing and releases guilt and resentment in a way that allows the soul to transform to the next level.

  • You find yourself not caring what other people think about your decisions.

  • The death of someone in your life.  Death can be transformational not just for the person who passes, but also for those left behind.

  • Things begin to move quickly, almost as if you were just being carried along in the swift flowing waters of the river of life.

  • You may have interactions with loved ones who have passed on.  They can be especially active around you when you are going through a transformation.  If you “think” it was them, then it most likely was.  🙂

Sometimes transformation is challenging (think caterpillar just before it breaks out of the cocoon) and sometimes it can feel like a natural high.  We’d all like to have more of the latter and less of the former but keep in mind that the challenging ones frequently enable us to help others later on who may be going through the same thing.  And as much as we hate to admit it, challenge often brings people together.

Speaking of bringing people together, f you are going through a challenging transformation, it’s important to ask for help.  Maybe it is reaching out to friends or other loved ones, going to therapy, getting a Soul Session from me, or meditating/getting quiet and asking your soul or your Higher Power for assistance.  Whoever it is, just start asking.  Sometimes the very lesson we need to learn is to ask for help.  Even I know when it’s time to look to others for insight, energy healing to clear karma or energy, or actual physical help if that is what is needed.

Have you experienced these or any other signs of transformation in your life?  Please comment below and tell me about it!