children at sunsetAre empathic children and psychic children also special needs?  Or is it the other way around? How are the two groups related, if at all?

I work with a lot of children that are considered to have a special need due to a diagnosis of some sort.  (See my Special Needs Sessions )I also work with children who don’t have any diagnosis but they are very empathic and /or very psychic themselves.  And what I have found is that they have MANY things in common.

Here are some of the commonalities between the two:

  • Very sensitive to other people’s energy.  They may pick up on moods, negative energy or even pain.  Therefore, they may be very moody themselves because they are picking up others emotions.

  • More sensitive to light, sound and/or touch.

  •  Easily overwhelmed in large crowds of people.

  • Prefer a small group of friends or family to a large group.

  • May avoid highly emotional situations such as tenseness, violence, yelling (the negative kind, since yelling is common in some cultures and isn’t necessarily negative).

  • Attraction to animals and animals are attracted to them.

  • May have trouble focusing or on the other side, may be hyperfocused at times.

  • May have had some sort of other paranormal experience such as seeing orbs or spirits, hearing thoughts, having imaginary friends, being a natural healer, remembering past lives, communicating telepathically, or having prophetic dreams.

  • Feel isolated because not many people understand what they are going through and even they may not understand.  It makes it difficult to talk about with friends or even to make friends.

This is not all-inclusive, nor does every child I work with have ALL of these but these are the more common traits I see.

I think it speaks to the challenges that “growing up psychic” can bring to a child and why many push down their gifts rather than learn to manage them.  It also is challenging for the parents as many don’t know how to parent a child with strong intuitive gifts.  These are all things that parents of children with special needs go through as well.

So it really begs the question, which comes first….being intuitive or having special needs?  And then further, why are so many children with special needs intuitive?  I think it’s because they have chosen to bring light to this world, to bring hope and promise of an even greater world.  And in order to do so, they have to be more connected to everything.  It just comes with a certain cost here on Earth.  Having to learn to manage it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have a psychic child or a child with special needs (or both, or maybe they are the same, oh you know what I mean! 😉