Did my dream mean anything?  Why do I keep having this recurring dream?  Dreams have fascinated us and confounded us for aeons, and I’ve explained my thoughts on dreams to many of my clients.  Here’s how I feel they break down.

Four Main Types of Dreams


  • Your Fears And Stress Are Being Released:  I feel that some dreams are your deepest fears and stress being released.  You try not to look too closely at them consciously but at the same time, they need to be expressed.  Although these can be some of the most disturbing dreams because they ARE our greatest fears or what you feel most stressed about, this is actually a safe way for them to get out.  And you may need to consider, in some cases, but not necessarily all, the true source of those fears.  Are they realistic?  What might be bringing them about and can you resolve that?  It may be that you’re being pushed to address it so that you can move on.  If you’re not sure what the source of those fears is, it could be a past life issue and this is something I can help with.  I look at past lives to determine the source and heal that source so that it can stop impacting this lifetime.

  • It’s Gobbledygook:  Yes, that’s right….just gobbledygook.  Those dreams where you wake up sort of shaking your head, maybe even laughing because everything was just so “out there” that none of it made sense?  It’s just your brain trying to make sense of things by releasing the things that DON’T make sense.  They can be pretty entertaining, right?


  • Out of Body Travel:  Some of you will recognize when your soul is traveling.  It may be traveling to another dimension or it may be going to “learn” something or both.  I don’t hear about these as much because I think these may be the dreams that you are least likely to remember.  But some people remember them very clearly and usually there is a reason for that.  There is a message for you, something you learned that you need to share or implement when you are awake.


  • There’s a Message for You:  Here’s the one type that has the most questions.  Either the dream is prophetic (more on that below) OR there IS a message for you personally and the dream contained a variety of imagery that you’re trying to decipher.  Although there are some wonderful dream dictionaries out there, the reason you may have difficulty with them is because oftentimes, the symbolism is subjective.  YOU have to decipher it based on your own filters.  I do believe there are some standard symbols in dreams:

    •  For instance, when you are in or near some body or type of water, that’s generally related to your emotions or emotional life.

    • Driving a car/truck is related to your life’s journey.

    • The moon is related to your intuition OR your “shadows.”

    • If a color stands out to you, check the meaning of the color.  For instance, blue is related to trust and communication.  Red is high emotion or feeling safe in the world.  Green can be about healing the heart OR money.  Yellow is owning your power.  Orange is related to creativity or sexuality.  Indigo is your intuition.  And white or purple is Source/God/The Universe/pure healing energy.


Nine Tips for Interpreting the Dreams


  • It may just be ONE thing that seems to stand out, maybe it’s a color, or an animal, or a person, or even just the emotion you woke up with that is giving you the message.  What were the one or two things you noticed the most?


  • If you look up something in a dream dictionary and it doesn’t feel right or resonate, ask yourself what YOU associate it with.  THAT’S your message.  For instance, I associate yellow roses with my mom because she loves them.  But you might associate them with Texas (here in the U.S.) due to the country song, “Yellow Rose of Texas.”  It’s what YOU associate it with that has the meaning.


  • If you see animals in your dreams, look up the message of that animal. I love the Ted Andrews’ books Animal Speak and Animal Wise, but there are many resources out there for animal totem messages.


  • Don’t over analyze it.  What the message “seems” to be likely IS the message.  Keep it simple.


  • Ask someone to help you.  Sometimes telling it to another person really helps.  The other person may see the theme/message right away simply from being an outside perspective.  Or write it down in a dream journal.  You may start to see a pattern over time that you wouldn’t have recognized otherwise.  Plus the act of writing it out may help you decipher it.


  • As you know, people in dreams aren’t always the same (in a variety of ways) as they are in real life.  Even you yourself may look or act differently in a dream, but you know it’s still you.  Think about the characteristics that seem to stand out, rather than the person itself.  On the other hand, it truly COULD be the person that is the message.  You have to determine that.


  • Oftentimes, a loved one who has passed on will visit you in your dreams.  This is a safe way for them to visit you and let you know they are ok.  Trust it and any message that they share.


  • And that T-word is the bottom line for everything.  TRUST what you’re getting if you feel there is a message.  Dreams are a powerful way to receive messages.


  • If you are feeling like the dreams are prophetic, but you’re not sure what to do with the information, ask for more.  Ask to be given more information, either while you are awake or in future dreams.  AND ask to only be given prophetic dreams IF there is something you can do about them.  Prophesies can be very frustrating if you can’t use them for good or if they are disturbing.  I suggest asking for clarity and understanding right before you go to sleep.


These are a starting place, and really only the tip of the dream iceberg.  But these are the most commonly asked questions and can be a helpful guide to return to.  Bookmark it to refer back to.

What dreams have been significant for you?  Have you had any prophetic dreams?  Or dreams that contained loved ones who have passed on?  Please share any comments below.