psychic-attack-auraHow would you know if you have been psychically attacked or have an entity attached to you?   Who can be attacked or have an entity become attached?  How and where does it happen?  Can houses and land, or even objects be affected? What types of entities are there? Are all spirits bad? Is there anything I can do to clear them? How do you clear them Julie? These are all questions that come up in my entity clearing practice.  And at the end, I will share the ONE type of entity I CAN’T clear.

1) Let’s start with who and what can be affected.  Basically….anybody.  It’s not only the super psychic or sensitive.  It’s not only children or adults.  Although, I have to say that the majority of the people I clear are psychically aware on at least a minor level.  But then everyone is psychic….but that’s another article altogether.  😉  I have, however, cleared people who were very skeptical but had run out of other options.  Homes (houses, apartments, etc.) and land and occasionally objects such as furniture, decorative items, etc. can also be affected with spirits and negative entities.

2)  What types of entities/spirits/attacks are there? How and where does an attack or an attachment happen?  The answers to this are really too numerous to list, but I will list the more common ones I experience.  Entities that become attached to people can get there in a variety of ways.

a) They may be attracted to a child or adult who is very empathic and doesn’t know how to protect his/her aura.  These types I usually see as wiggly, dark shadows squirming around in a person’s aura.  I shall call them Mischievous Maligners.  And where these Mischievous Maligners are picked up are as numerous as places a person may go.  They are a part of the “ether” and look for psychic weakness to prey upon.

b) The other entity type I clear is the Very Dark Big Badass Bully.  When I encounter the Very Dark Big Badass Bully types of entities, I experience an overwhelm of dark energy when I tune in to the person or place I am working on.  These may come to a person as a result of a psychic attack.  For instance, someone experienced in energy work but who prefers to work on the dark side, may have sent something to attack a person they don’t like or feel threatened by.  I see this frequently with other psychics, energy healers, etc.  Or someone who is feeling very emotionally broken could have picked up one of these Very Dark Big Badass Bully types at an event they went to, a property they visited or live on, etc.  Again, the “where” is unlimited.  These can also inhabit homes and land.

c) I also see psychic attacks in the form of energy vampires.  This is less common but these energy vampires are the most difficult to defeat as they are typically in human form, not just spirit/energy form.  In this case, the energy vampire is sucking energy from a person or multiple persons.

d) If someone contacts me and believes they or their family has been “cursed” or can’t seem to escape from bad things happening to them or excessive “bad luck”, this can be related to someone they know being very upset with them.  This person’s anger, resentment, bitterness, etc. can manifest in an entity (described above) or dark energy surrounding the individual or family.

e) The last form of individualized psychic attack I see is a bit unusual.  Sometimes I will see weapons such as spears, axes, etc. in someone’s aura.  This usually causes a sudden physical symptom that can be cleared quickly once I look at their aura and see the cause.  This is usually a result of (d) above.

f) And the one type of attachment or issue that most people are familiar with is visitation by spirits or a spirit that won’t leave.  I prefer not to use the term “ghosts” as it has a negative connotation.  This may happen because a spirit is still energetically connected to a person or place.  Or they haven’t crossed over fully into the Light.  Or they may have a message for a person that is still living.

3)  Are all spirits bad? No, definitely not.  Although of course, the majority of the ones I am hired to clear are considered negative in some way.  While I prefer to call it a space clearing, it is often referred to as an exorcism. But if a spirit is not scaring anyone or is not causing harm, then there is no need to worry.  As I mentioned above, they may just be relaying a message or “hanging out” at a place they loved while still living.   Managing your interaction with these, if you experience them frequently, is something I can teach you in a session or in coaching.

no-energy-vampires4)  How do you know if you, or someone you know, has been psychically attacked or has an attachment?   Although “results may vary,” I do see some common symptoms of psychic attacks in the people and places I clear:

  • For psychic attacks from an energy vampire, I’d say the most common is the most logical:  loss of energy which can result in mild to severe fatigue.  And it can be anything from moderate to severe.  It can start slowly and progress so that’s it’s not noticeable at first or it can come on suddenly.  Disorientation is not uncommon here as well.

  • For entity clearing, whether it’s the Mischievous Maligners or the Very Dark Big Badass Bullies, the symptoms really do vary.  Entity attachments can cause minor to major health issues.  The VDBBB are more likely to cause moderate to major physical health issues if the health is affected.  The MMs are usually more inclined to suck energy which can feel like a physical health issue.  I also frequently see volatile moods.  If someone reports sudden mood swings, especially into anger, I automatically suspect an entity.  Or at times, it could be a slow progression from a mostly happy personality to one that is not.  Obviously, the sudden one is more noticeable but both are possible.

  • An increase in fear or anxiety is not uncommon in any attack or attachment, especially if the person is sensitive to energy changes.

  • If property or land is affected, people may feel “uncomfortable” in certain parts of the home or land, or if near objects that may be affected.  Children especially may avoid or refuse to enter certain rooms. Temperature changes can occur as well.  Hearing footsteps, things moving around, or voices are frequently reported.

5)  Is there anything you can do yourself to clear them?  Because I like to empower people, if the issue seems minor and more of a nuisance than anything, I will encourage people to try and clear themselves or their property using sage and/or by “taking control.”  By taking control, I mean that many times you yourself have the power to tell a spirit to leave and that it is not allowed to scare you.  You must do so with conviction however. I’ve even advised this with teens and young people who are being bombarded with spirits who know that the youth can see them.

6)  How do I (Julie) clear these entities or attacks? If the entity is more than just a nuisance or is causing serious problems, then I will do the clearing.  I typically don’t do it in person as I’m working on an energetic level.  Therefore I can work on anyone or any place at any time.  I will look at you, your child, your loved one, or the home or property in question on an energetic level.  If I see anything there that shouldn’t be there, I clear it with the energy healing that I do.  Depending on the issue, I may call in angels to help me.  If a spirit needs to be crossed over, I send it to the Light.  But whatever I clear, does.not.come.back.  I then put protection around the person or place to make sure nothing else can come in.

The results of this can be remarkable, if not truly miraculous.  I’ve had a number of people who have had serious medical conditions (unable to walk, heart conditions, etc.) that have stopped completely immediately following an entity or attack clearing.  Other people report “I have hope again.” or “I have so much energy now.” or “People around me noticed the difference in me right away.”  This truly is some of THE most transformative work I do.  I didn’t realize until I had been doing it for some time that not many light workers do this type of work so I am truly honored to have this particular skill.

7) What can I (Julie) not clear?  Very occasionally, I will get someone who calls and tells me that they know without a doubt they have an attachment, maybe more than one.  Typically they have contacted a number of people to try and get it cleared with no success.  This is usually a self-manifested entity.  This is something the person has created themselves unknowingly from fear or self-doubt.  The only person who can get rid of it is them.  Although this is not very common, it does happen.

To protect yourself from this happening, please be sure and read 7 Ways to Protect and Clean Your Aura

Please share any experiences or ask any questions you may have in the comments.