In actuality, this story started a few days ago.  A vulture caught my attention sitting on a light pole as I was driving to see Scout.  I made a mental note to look up the messages vulture brings again, as vulture has quite a few.  And I promptly forgot to look it up.  So, another vulture (or maybe it was the same one?) again caught my attention on my way to see Scout the next day.  I emailed myself a reminder to look it up.  One of the meanings that caught my attention was something to this effect:  Vulture brings the message that it is imminent that you will be rising above the mundane aspects of life.  I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I knew there was some message for me there.  Then yesterday, Sunday, the 20th, I was out with Scout working on his anxiety and I heard a crow.  Then I saw two fly over.  Crows are about magic.  Magic is forthcoming.

This morning, I saw a vulture again on my way to see Scout and while I was waiting on a client for an Essence and the Equine Session, I heard a crow calling.  Scout, the client and I had a wonderful session and Scout gave her amazing feedback.  After she left, I went and grabbed some lunch and then came back to the place he is boarded.  I had my Nikon camera, a lawn chair, my lunch and a canvas bag with a notebook, a book, a pen, and a set of oracle cards that I felt compelled to throw in the bag.  I thought I might need them for the client session, but didn’t end up using them.  Each card just has one word or an angel on it.

I hauled all my stuff out to the pasture with Scout, Sahara and Flynn.  I’ve taken a chair out there before and they flat-out ignored me the whole time.  I set my chair under some trees.  I didn’t have any eclipse glasses but I wanted to be outside to soak in all that good eclipse and new moon energy.  Scout and his pasture mates were in the far back of the pasture while I was sitting there eating my lunch.  I had noticed the majority of the other horses on the property were staring at me.  Now, I get the occasional staring horse who wants me to come work on them energetically, but this was a little different and well, odd.  I had a multitude of horses standing in their paddocks, not moving, staring straight at me.  The thing was, I wasn’t self-conscious at all.  I mean, you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing or if your lipstick is crooked around horses.  😉  But it didn’t even ruffle my feathers.  As I finished eating, Sahara started walking towards the water trough which was a short distance away from me down the fenceline.  And the other two horses followed her.  Then they all three stood there….AND STARED AT ME.  So, I got up and went over to them.  They sort of surrounded me and then they all kept looking back towards my chair.  So, I went and sat back down.  I just finally figured they wanted me to sit in the chair.  LOL

Sahara led the pack and they all came over to me.  She stood over me and Scout came up behind her.  Flynn was behind him.  She stood there a minute or two, then moved in front of me, and then moved on.  Scout came up to me.  Flynn tried to, but Scout wouldn’t let him and he essentially told Sahara to “move along” as well.  And that’s when things got even MORE interesting.  Scout came and stood over me.  I was sitting in a lawn chair so essentially, my line of sight was at the top of his legs.  He’s 17 hands tall, which is very tall for a non-work horse (he’s not a Clydesdale for instance.)  And even though I could have been afraid, maybe even should have been afraid, I WASN’T.  (There are many pictures at the end of the article, including one with a clear orb on it to start the picture story to go along with this narrative.  I use a few humorous captions as well.  )

And things became more curious when he started lifting his front leg to put IN MY LAP!  And he would switch legs and do it again. And again. AND again.  I seriously thought a couple of times he was going to try and “sit” in my lap.  He was completely doing this all on his own.  I have never trained him to do this sort of thing and have never experienced it with a horse ever.

He finally moved a bit forward where his back leg was in front of my face and then he started doing the same thing with his back leg.  I caught the most beautiful picture in the space between his hind leg and his tail.  It seemed like a keyhole to me.  A keyhole into the future…..a really, really bright future.  (All of these pictures are at the end of the story.)

Sometime during this time, he reached over, picked up my canvas bag with his mouth and dumped everything out of it.  Normally he does this because he is looking for treats or food in a bucket, but he didn’t even pay attention to what he had dumped out.   I looked over and saw the oracle cards were face up.  I leaned over and saw the card on the very top….”Transformation!!”  He had dumped the bag out to give me that message.

He finally moved forward enough for me to stand up.  By this time, the eclipse was over.  He stood over for me for a full hour, perhaps a little more.  It was almost as if he was telling me NOT to go try and look at the eclipse without glasses.  But also, I had an a-ha moment the night before about something related to trust.  And he was confirming that I am truly in a place of trust.  How could I not be when an enormous horse, with a history of spooking and anxiety, stands over me and I KNOW with every ounce of my being that not only am I safe, but somehow he is protecting me?  You can’t be more trusting than that.  And just as important?  He trusted ME.

When I stood up, he worked his way forward until I was standing directly at his hindquarters and I started scratching them.  Then he moved directly in front of me so that I am literally standing with my nose in line with the top of his tail.  LOL  (Talk about trust!! LOL) And he slowly backs into me and starts swaying from side to side.  He wanted me to scratch his booty!!  I was in tears I was laughing so hard.  I wish I could have gotten it on video but both hands were busy scratching.  Bahahahahaha.  What was funny is he just kept slowly backing into me and then swaying his hindquarters from side to side.  He didn’t want to knock me over, he just wanted me to know that he REALLY wanted me to scratch him.

I did sit back down for a minute and when I did, I looked over and saw these clouds.  It looked exactly like a doorway.  I’ve entered a new door!!  Messages EVERYWHERE I turn!!  I stood up as Scout leaned back into me.

By that time, Sahara had come back and was standing directly behind me.  They were circling me in a way.  I turn back to look at her and she is stretching her mouth over and over and over again.  She’s “releasing” stress just from being there with us.

I took so many pictures and videos of him trying to put his hooves in my lap, but I wanted a selfie of us to remember the day.  He walked away from me and walked down into the dry creek.  There was no way he could climb the other side at that spot so he leaned over to start grazing and I walked over thinking he was ready for a selfie.  He still didn’t cooperate but I looked down and saw these wild tomatoes growing!!  The message was, “The fruit is almost ripe for picking.”  That translates to a few different things related to him.  I finally moved to the other side and got a selfie and then he moved on.  Almost two hours of eclipse energy and probably the most magical, surreal moment I’ve had with him outside the day I met him.  (If you haven’t read that story, go read, “When the Universe says, “Here Take THIS.

I walked through the barn to head to my car and as I was leaving I noticed that none of the horses are staring at me anymore.  They are all back to doing their usual horse things.  As I exited the other end of the barn, a butterfly flew RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  Another message of transformation!!  I thanked it and thought, I wish I could have gotten a picture of it.  I walked to my car, opened the door, set the lawn chair on the ground and tossed in my bags and camera.  I turn around to pick up the lawn chair and in the few seconds it had taken me to do that, a tiny grasshopper had landed on my chair.  Grasshopper’s message is to take leaps….and grasshoppers never leap backwards…only forwards in big hops.


 Pictoral version of narrative above.  With humorous captions for your entertainment.  🙂


Notice the orb on Scout’s mane




Scout behind Sahara who is standing directly in front of and slightly over me.

Up close and personal















When a horse stands over you but you still want to try and see the eclipse. 😉








Ditto the caption above.








Aaaaannnnd ditto again.










And trying to get in my lap begins.











Scout over me and Flynn in the distance.












Another lap attempt.










Sure wish I could see the eclipse…. instead i have this beautiful horse standing guard over me. Oh well. 🙂









But Mom, I really want in your lap.











Is this leg any better?










I’ll just move forward a bit.










Actually, I’ll move forward a bit more.









Who knew the view from the back of a horse’s hind leg and tail could look like a keyhole?











The view is pretty good from under my stomach too Mom.










There’s that Transformation card.







And the bag that Scout dumped out to show the Transformation card.











You sure I can’t get in your lap Mom?











Hey, don’t get your foot caught in the drink holder!












Maybe I can try just my rear leg?










Scratch it Mom, scratch it. 😉











A new door to enter….








The fruit is nearly ripe enough to pick.










You’re really gonna make me take a selfie after all this?












Leap far and fast.