When I was a child, the best ongoing source of information on a chosen topic of interest was the magazine.  We didn’t have the internet.  So, I subscribed to at least two different horse magazines.  Each magazine had a centerfold poster of a horse they were highlighting.  My entire bedroom was covered in those posters, every inch of wall AND ceiling space.  If I visited someone that had horses, I begged to ride.  I am still amazed that I never got hurt because people put me on many barn-spoiled horses that would run full-speed with me back to the barn.  I had a whole stable of Breyer horses that endured hours of play.  In my imagination, the horses would talk to me and I heard them and replied.  Never in a million years did I ever imagine that would come true.

I finally became owned by my first horse when I was in college.  Her full name was Go Lady Thirteen, but she was a beautiful grey Quarter Horse mare and I just called her Grey Lady.  I had no idea of how conscious horses were back then but I loved her just the same.  I had to give her back to the person I bought her from when college and work just got to be too much for me.  But then a couple of years later, I was fortunate to find a place to live where I could take care of a man’s horses in exchange for reduced rent.  I still got my horse fix and didn’t have to financially support the addiction.

But for 20 years after I moved from there, I rarely got to spend time with horses anymore.  They just weren’t a part of my life.  I missed them but it just seemed like it wasn’t meant to be.  So, when someone local reached out to me on Facebook and wanted to meet because of my training as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and I saw she taught riding lessons and had horses, I jumped at the opportunity to at least get a brief contact with horses again.  She offered to have me out to meet her and her three geldings and I was thrilled.  However, the first date we scheduled got rained out.  And we didn’t immediately reschedule.

But a couple of months later I did the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique on myself and my life suddenly became magical in a multitude of ways.  When I was convinced that it would work for other people (See How I Discovered Magic Is TRULY Real), I sent the information about the Technique out to my email list.  And my new friend Beth responded.  And it reminded me that I hadn’t gotten out to meet her and her “boys.”  So, we rescheduled for that next Saturday.  Since I had seen a change in my own pets since doing the Technique, I was really curious about how the horses would act around me.  I also had recently determined that Pegasus was my Crown Chakra Animal Totem so I knew I would have some horse energy swirling around me from that.

I met Beth and her husband Charlie at the farm (Emerald Hills) where she boards her horses and gives her lessons (check out Inspired Riding.) We went to the paddock where her three geldings were kept.  It was a remarkable experience as her horses just seemed enamored with me.  At one point, they formed a circle around me and I stood in the middle of the three of them with a cheesy grin covering most of my face.  One of the horses, Glitter, just snuggled with me and Beth said he really didn’t do that with anyone.  I took a few selfies and was later in awe as I discovered I had captured his aura in one of the pictures!

As we were finishing up, Beth asked me if I would come give her a “read” or opinion on another horse on the farm.  She said he had been abused by his original owners and thus had some anxiety.  He was given to his current owner by the original owners because he needed surgery on one of his feet and the current owner agreed to do the surgery in hopes she could use him in competition.  However, his anxiety caused him to spook while riding and he also occasionally would go lame again with no true physical explanations.

We walked up to his paddock which he shared with a pony named Cruiser.  I instantly felt him send his “immense heartache” to me.  It just rolled over me in waves.  I asked what his name was.  She said his full name was Augusto, but they called him Gus or Goose.  I said, “Oh, my oldest son’s middle name is Augustus.  How about that…”  She said Gus was a Dutch Warmblood, which I had never heard of, but came to know they are bred for dressage and other sporting competitions.  We walked in the paddock and as he headed over to us, I very clearly “heard” him say, “My home is with you.”


Instantly in my head, “Wait, wha?  What did he just say?  I am not in the market for a horse.  I don’t have a place for a horse.  How would I afford to buy or pay to support a horse?  What would I DO with a horse?”

Then, “I’ll just keep interacting with him and let that process.”  I didn’t say anything to Beth because I just didn’t know what the situation was and because I was somewhat in shock.

And he came straight to me and he bowed his head and put it in my stomach.  I pulled on his forelock and scratched between his ears.  Then I put my hands on his chest and gave him a little bit of energy until he pulled away.  Then he came back and once again put his head in my stomach and my friend snapped a picture of us.  It was to be the first of many.

I left and was driving home when I stopped at a traffic light and looked through the pictures I had taken.  That’s when I saw the one of the Glitter’s aura.  I immediately sent it to Beth via FB Messenger.  I told her that I wanted to send Gus a bit of energy later when I got home.  Beth said, “His owner wants to come up with a long-term solution for him and where his home might end up being.”  That seemed to open the door to what he told me, so I told her that “He clearly told me that his home was with me.  His owner might not want that though so let’s start with my working on him for now.”  She replied with, “Actually, she is trying to rehome him.”


Then she said, “I felt it when you got here. I’m glad he told you.”


My world was spinning like one of those children’s tops that somehow manage to stay upright despite being a little off-balance.

She spoke to the owner of Emerald Hill Farms, Jenna, and Jenna was open to talking to me about it.  On that following Wednesday, my sons and I went back to Taylor (about a 40-minute drive from our house) and met Jenna.  And the boys got to meet Gus.  I took this picture of my oldest son with him that day.  This was the final test for me.  I wanted to see how he interacted with my son with Asperger’s and ADHD.  That smile says it all.

By the end of the hour, the deal was done.  Jenna gave me the down and dirty on Gus’ behavioral and health history.  It wasn’t always pretty, but then anxiety was something I knew how to manage.  I dealt with it most of my own life until I did the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique and I also have been managing it in my oldest son for the 12 years of his life.  So, despite the fact that Gus was truly “a horse of a different color” when it came to anxiety (at 17 hands high, he is a really large horse,) I really wasn’t intimidated.  By this time I had come to terms with the idea that he was supposed to be mine.  Or maybe that I was supposed to be his.

We discussed potential boarding places close to my house, and by the end of the day I had an appointment with a trainer at a facility in the town I live in.  Her name happened to be really similar to mine.  It was the first of many signs that he was supposed to start here.  She had also worked at the same breeders facility where Jenna acquired Gus from.  There was so much synchronicity with this facility that I knew this was where he needed to go.

One night that week, I connected energetically with Gus and while I was working on him he very clearly said, “Scout.”  I asked Jenna if that had any significance for her in relation to him and she said it didn’t.

One week after I met him for the first time, I returned to Emerald Hills alone and went to his paddock.  I stayed for about two hours and he followed me around his paddock like a puppy dog.  When I became a little frustrated with Cruiser because he kept biting my camera strap, my shirt, my arm, etc., Gus started moving between me and Cruiser and finally just kept making Cruiser move away from us.  I didn’t realize until later he had picked up on my frustration and reacted accordingly.

Everything came together perfectly and later the following week, I went back to Emerald Hills Farm for the last time.  I spent quiet time with him outside the paddock so he could get used to being away from Cruiser.  By the time it was time to load him, he had no anxiety at all about leaving Cruiser.  He loaded in the trailer perfectly and away we went to the farm where I would be boarding him.

He took a few days to adjust to the new place but I was there every day.  I began to notice that he acted differently if I was there alone or if I was there my boys.  I did the Vibration of Magic Soul Technique on him.  Then I went back about a week later and attuned him to the Essence Energy Healing  that I do, so that HE can start giving energy to other horses, people, etc.  A week or so after he arrived, I began to think about the name Scout again and I asked him if that was the name he wanted….and it was.  Gus or Augusto reminded him too much of the breeders that mistreated him.  And so he became Scout.

I began to have experiences with him that showed me what my own limiting beliefs are, but also he began to tell me what he needed.  He would position himself in certain ways to give me a message.  My chest would tighten up if he was feeling stressful and wanted a massage.  He would position himself so that I was standing next to his stomach and then I would feel slightly nauseous and also could hear his stomach rumbling.  I have found a digestive supplement that I am hopeful will help him feel better.  I’m learning just how conscious horses are and what they are capable of.  And I received the most wonderful synchronous message from the Universe confirming that his and my meeting was truly ” written in the stars.”  I started reading Linda Kahonov’s The Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse and she begins the chapter entitled The Wounded Healer with the following information:


“In Greek mythology, Chiron was a master musician, a wise philosopher, a powerful oracle, and a respected astronomer wielding an unusually eclectic body of knowledge, especially for a four-legged man.  Jason and Achilles studied with the centaur, who not only strengthened their bodies and sharpened their minds, but instructed them in the soulful art of discovering their destiny.  Catching a glimpse of one student’s upcoming trials, Chiron taught the as-yet-unrealized hero to make the poison-tipped arrows that guaranteed his triumph in battle, an impulse that ultimately changed the centaur’s own destiny.  The two were practicing archery in the forest one-day when the young man accidentally shot his teacher in the right knee.  Delirious and limping in agony, Chiron retreated to an underground cavern to repair what would have been a fatal wound for the average mortal.  In the process of trying different remedies, the centaur created the healing arts and went on to teach these skills to Aesclepius, the Greek god of medicine. 

In most mythical texts, Chiron is mentioned only in passing, yet his obscure story was resurrected in 1977 when astronomer Charles T. Kowal discovered a small yet unusually bright object orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, which he named after the legendary centaur.  Newspapers had a field day, announcing that a tenth planet had been found before researchers declared Chiron to be a “minor planet,” grouping it with bodies like Ceres, Eros, and Hidalgo.  In the late 1980s, however, Chiron challenged its original destination by exhibiting the characteristics of a comet–while measuring over fifty thousand times the typical comet volume–becoming one of those rare bodies in the solar system to be classified both comet and minor planet.  Its orbit also proved more eccentric than originally anticipated as it crossed those of Saturn and Uranus, at times venturing closer to earth than the former and farthest away than the latter.  Astrologers subsequently combined the myth of the centaur with the comet-planet’s unusual characteristics to create a symbolic picture of Chiron’s influence on earthly life.  The placement of Chiron in a person’s astrological chart is said to indicate a point where she was deeply wounded, a place that paradoxically holds the seeds of her greatest gifts.”

It initially seemed mildly synchronous that Chiron’s right leg was wounded, as this was also the leg where Scout had surgery to try to clear the keratoma (benign tumor) that developed when the original owners ignored the abcess in that foot that developed.  As I continued to read this chapter, however, I continued to receive what I call “intuitive  hits” on the connection between Chiron and Scout.  And so I finally just did a simple google search on “Chiron and Scout” and found the following at http://www.zanestein.com/scout.htm.

The text is as follows:  As I see it, with Chiron as the Scout planet, a person is drawn to the untrod path, led be the urge to find passageways, doorways, bridges.  There is an acute awareness of the woundedness around them, which leads to the urge to heal, or teach, or guide, or lead the way towards self-sufficiency.  There is a maverick quality to the way the person handles day to day efforts.  Not rebellious….that’s Uranian.  Rather, a person goes his own way, at his own speed, never concerned that others may be moving faster or slower, or going in a different direction.  To quote Thoreau, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.”

No matter how many times it happens, I still go through a slight period of shock and awe at the magic of my life.  This description seems to describe me AND Scout to a T.  I know that Scout and I are destined to heal others.  It is my belief that he will at times use me as his voice, but he will also be sharing messages with you directly via your own intuition, your emotions, his body language.

Together he and I make a powerful, healing team.  He is moving to a facility that is much closer to my house soon (August 1, 2017) and once he is settled in, I will start offering sessions with the two of us together.  I’ve been guided to start them September 1, 2017.

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