For several years now, I’ve been sharing things on Facebook and calling them “You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up” moments.  (Pardon the language if it offends, but sometimes it sets a needed tone.)  And while there’s probably been even more than 1,001, I had to start with some number.  I want to start keeping track of the synchronicities I experience and hopefully, by sharing them with you, you will then see how your own synchronicities can be trusted as messages from your Higher Self/Soul, and the Universe.  And of course, I want to start hearing about yours too!

Carl Jung defined the word synchronicity as “a series of meaningful coincidences.”  And that’s precisely how I use the term.  I stopped using “coincidence” alone because it implied that it was random and with no intention.  When in fact, if something truly makes you stop and wonder, “Wow, that was cool, even a little freaky.  I wonder if it meant something?” then I can almost guarantee that it did.  In some way, through that meaningful coincidence, you were receiving a confirmation, a message, or guidance from your Soul, the Universe, your Higher Power, etc.


I have so many synchronicities take place in both my personal life AND in my sessions.  A friend said to me recently, “I don’t know why they surprise you anymore.  They happen to you all the time.”  And my response was, “They don’t surprise me.  They delight me and I don’t ever want to take them for granted.”


Here’s a recent one that involved a little animal communication:


A Facebook friend Beth, who lives in Georgia, (I’m in Texas, a few states away) posted this picture of a cat she sees in front of a church in her neighborhood.  Her description of the cat and the picture was as follows:

“The St. Francis church kitty was laying down in front of the patron saint of kitties, and all the other animals too.”  Someone commented on the picture and asked if the cat had a name. 

Beth responded:  There a boy who has taken a shine to him and he calls him Chatty. The Reverend likes Boots. So he becomes Chatty Boots. He doesn’t respond to either. I feel bad because I know he has a name someone gave him and then they’re gone or he got lost and he will never hear that name again. I wish I were a pet psychic and he could tell me what his name is. Julie Bradshaw– I just thought of you as soon as I typed this. Can you offer help?


I tuned into the cat later that evening and he told me his name was Angel.  It seemed a bit “coincidental” since he hangs around a church and also not the most common name for a male, but I asked him twice and he was imperative that his name was Angel.  So, I replied to Beth’s post and said that his name was “Angel of course!”


(We interrupt this story for an important announcement:  This is the part where the TRUST comes in.  Despite the fact that it seemed well….a bit cheesy….I trusted him when he told me his name.  I mean seriously….Angel?  But here’s the deal, I long ago learned to trust what comes to me right away.  It may be a thought, a picture in my mind’s eye, a feeling I get, a pain or sensation in my body, but I TRUST IT. I learned long ago that by doing so, I receive more and more and more of these intuitive hits as I call them, and then many times they evolve into some pattern of synchronicity!)

(You will now be returned to your regular programming.)

The next morning when Beth saw my post, she responded with:  “Omg you’re not gonna believe this, but the boy who took a shine to him, naming him Chatty, his name is ANGEL!!! Not a common name for a male in this part of the country. I doubt they will call the cat the boy’s name, but I will. Do you think you picked up on the boy?”


I told her that the cat was very clear about his name, and that I didn’t doubt this second synchronicity at all.


Just a couple of hours later, she again replied to my comment saying this:  “Another wow moment. I contacted the gal whose son is named Angel, and told her about all this. Turns out she’s very open and had no one to talk to about her spiritual experiences. Seeing light around people and such. She was so happy I was so open to talk about metaphysics with her. I gave her your web site.” 

And that my friends is just one example of trusting synchronicity.  It turned into a door opening for someone that needed to feel some hope and trust.