I think some of my favorite #youjustcan’tmakethisshitup moments have come during readings where I’m communicating with a loved one who has passed on.  While this particular use of my medium skills is not used as frequently as some of the others, it’s always enlightening and empowering, and on occasion humorous.  🙂

I did a session recently for a first-time client.  Although I had worked with her mother, this was her first session.  She wanted me to connect to two people.  The first was a grandmother.   The grandmother showed me an enormous angel and I shared that I thought she wanted her granddaughter to know that she (the granddaughter) was being protected.  I also asked if her grandmother had really “big” energy as the symbolism seemed to have dual meeting.  The client confirmed that she did.  The grandmother went on to show me a few other things as messages to her granddaughter.   One in particular made her giggle out loud.  Her grandmother liked to be playful apparently.

The second person she asked me to connect to was her mother-in-law who had passed about 18 months prior.  That’s all she told me.  I was able to connect to the woman fairly easily but when I did, I was engulfed in “sad.”  As an empath, I often feel the message rather than hear it or see.  I went right back to the client and asked what the sadness was about.  Apparently, the woman had been in a coma for FOUR YEARS prior to her death.  She couldn’t move or speak, but she could at times hear the people around her, and she would cry.  The word “sad” seemed like an understatement.  I was able to clear her mother-in-law of this sadness so that she could be free of it.  Typically souls don’t carry over any challenging emotions unless their death occurred under particularly challenging circumstances, which would definitely apply in this scenario.

The mother-in-law showed me what looked like something being closed or wrapped up in white, and it looked like it might be a cloth-like material.  It reminded me of an envelope but I couldn’t get away from it being made of cloth.  And she “sealed” the closure with a heart.  I explained what I saw to the client and asked if it had any meaning at all to her.  She said that she and her husband were Muslim and that after her mother-in-law passed, she was the one to wrap her mother-in-law’s body in white cloth.  I knew nothing of this Muslim tradition.  I explained then that with the addition of the heart, her mother-in-law was telling her how much she loved that her daughter-in-law had been the one to perform this act of respect and service.  My client said it was so emotionally challenging for her to do it so the acknowledgement from her mother-in-law really touched her.

This was definitely a #youjustcan’tmakethisshitup moment as I literally knew nothing about this tradition.  I’m not very familiar with the Muslim religion and its’ customs, but particularly those related to death and the preparation of the body.  This is a great example of “trusting what I get” even if it doesn’t seem to make sense.  Sometimes, particularly if you’re doing a reading or giving intuitive feedback to someone else, the message you receive won’t make any sense to YOU.  But it will make sense to the other person.  This means you have to trust what you get even if you “think the person is going to think I’m nuts.”  LOL  More often than not, it’s giving confirmation to that person and you’ve just cemented their trust in you and your ability to intuit messages from the Universe.