As parents, we all have moments we’d like to take back, to retract from time.  But sometimes, they are just not as traumatic on our children as we think they are.  Our own guilt makes it seem much worse than it is.  In this edition of #YouJustCan’tMakeThisShitUp, we will dig a little deeper into 1) guilt and its’ effect and 2) as usual, trusting our own intuition.


I was doing a session with a client that I have worked with on numerous occasions.   She booked a session and wanted me to work on her 13-year old son.  He had a lot of self-doubt and picked up a lot of other people’s emotions.  It just seemed that he found it really difficult to believe in himself and beat himself up a great deal if he wasn’t successful.  Or didn’t even believe he could be successful.  His mom was concerned it might have stemmed from an incident when he was 3 where she had an interaction with him she wished she could erase from time.  I explained that even if this incident weren’t the original cause of his self-doubt, her own guilt could be causing an energy drain for both of them.


The first thing I did was a cord cutting between the two of them.  The guilt had definitely created an energetic cord that was impacting them both.  This means it was an energy drain on some level for both of them.  Guilt is a very heavy emotion and drains energy immensely.  I’ve seen this one single emotion cause untold harm over decades of time.

Then I looked at him by himself.  As I tuned into him, I saw an enormous head of a scary, large dog or wolf trying to consume him.  I just cleared it out and away from him and gave him lots of energy and put energetic protection around him.  I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but I knew I wanted him to feel safe now that it was gone.

When I told his mother what I had seen, she gasped.  When he was 5 years old, he got cornered by a young, but large dog.  This dog stood and barked at him incessantly and he couldn’t get away.  It was so traumatic for him, his bladder released.  So, what he felt was that a dog was trying to consume him and he couldn’t get away.  Of course, there is always shame associated with a spontaneous bladder release despite the fact that it’s related to intense fear.  His mother said he still remembered the event clearly.  By clearing the original event and that fear, his confidence should build.

Now, I had no idea this dog experience had happened.  I had no way of knowing, but if I had thought when I saw it, “I have no idea what that is and it doesn’t make sense to me, so I’m going to disregard it” then no one would have gotten the help they needed, especially my client’s son.   But I trusted it and by doing so, gave some relief to the mom knowing that she hadn’t been the cause of her son’s fear and cleared the energy of the event so that the teenager could begin to become more at peace with himself and his life.


By cutting energetic cords between the mom and son in relation to the incident she was feeling guilty about, it brought healing for both of them.  If you have an experience that you feel guilty about, this is something I can help with.  Click on Contact Me and let’s talk about it.  Or head over and book your Soul Session.