What will 2018 hold for you?!  Will it be love, money, a new job, finally opening your own business, better health?  How can you deal with challenges you may face?


2018 is an eleven (11) year numerologically.  Eleven is a master number that means big things for the world as a whole, and it will be intense at times!!  Find out what it will hold for you personally!


The Year Preview Reading is one that my clients come back for year after year to give them guidance for each and every month of the year.  I only offer it in the late part of each year so there’s a limited window of opportunity.


For each month of 2018, I will pull two cards from one of several decks that I use.  It will either be the Wild Unknown Tarot that I use for the Daily Tarot Card Reading or it may be another Tarot deck that I use.  I will share with you the meaning of the cards for that month as well as anything additional that comes through intuitively. You can ask questions and I will record the reading for you.   I also send you pictures of the cards following the reading.  

The people who feel drawn to get this reading nearly always find that the year will be transformational for them in many ways.  Most of the months hold so many good things and if there are challenges, the cards and my reading share tools to equip you with dealing with them.  My readings are ALWAYS empowering and never scary!


“I don’t know if you remember, but what you told me in my Year Preview Reading was completely accurate.  I reference that reading throughout the year and you’re always spot-on!”~~Multiple clients, year after year.  

I am also offering a package deal combining a 2018 Preview Reading and a 30-Minute Soul Session!  This would be great as a very personal and unique gift!!  Or give yourself a gift of insight and healing!! The package price is just $150.  Separately, these items would be $180!  If the package is a gift, I will create a beautiful hand-written gift certificate that I will mail to you for gift-giving purposes.



IF YOU ARE BUYING FOR YOU (and not as a gift) just have to click on Book Your Session below to schedule at your convenience and to pay!   The cost for the 2018 Preview Reading by itself is just $81.  This reading takes about 30 minutes.  Again the price for the package of the Preview Reading and 30-minute Soul Session is just $150 and will take about an hour.

 Select either Year Preview Reading OR Year Preview Reading/Soul Session Package in the list of options, then follow through for scheduling and paying.  It’s that easy!  


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IF YOU ARE BUYING THE PREVIEW READING OR PACKAGE AS A GIFT, please select the appropriate Paypal Button below.   Please be sure to include the name of the person receiving the gift (or indicate if you’d like it left blank), your mailing address, and who I should denote the gift is from.  (Your name, your and your spouse’s name, etc.)