Two of CupsFor many years, I have done a daily card reading, pulling one card from two different tarot or oracle card decks and posting it on Facebook and also here on my website.  This has become an integral part of many people’s day, giving them guidance and empowerment as they go about their day.  But some people don’t check Facebook every day or just worry about missing it and they asked me to provide it in email format.

These emails will go out at approximately 9-10 p.m. Central time each night.  Therefore, for those across the world from me, you might receive it in the middle of the day that the card is pulled for or you may use it for the coming 24 hours after you receive it.  Those of you in the United States or in countries who have a similar time zone, the cards will be for the following day.  I find this is the best way to reach everyone in various time zones and countries.

To insure you don’t miss your FREE daily tarot and oracle card readings, just enter your name and email address below.  It’s that simple.  And the daily card readings will come straight to your email.  You’ll never miss them again.