Animals are here for more than just companionship.  They are soulful, sentient beings themselves.  This means a few different things for them and us, their humans:

  • They need cord cuttings sometimes like we do, i.e. energetic cords to people or events from their past that are still having a challenging impact on them today.  Neglect, abuse, and stress can be alleviated with cord cuttings or energy clearings.

  • They are a part of our journey and we are a part of theirs, whether long-term or short-term.

  • Past lives can affect them too.

  • Their bodies hold stress and pain which can sometimes be remedied with energy work, diet, or supplements.

  • They can give US energy if attuned to do so.

  • They are mirroring back to you things you need to learn about yourself.


My dream has always been to work with animals.  Like so many of you, I have always had a special affinity for them and they for me.  That dream has come true as the door to animal communication and energy clearing on animals has opened completely with Scout coming into my life and business.

I am now offering sessions focused solely on your pet, horse, or other important animal in your life.  I’m offering two different types of sessions:  Soul Sessions for Animals and Energy Healing Attunements for Animals.

1)  Soul Sessions for Animals can be done either long-distance or in-person.  These are similar to the Soul Sessions I do for you.  Except you and I are their translators.  We will get on the phone/computer if it’s long-distance (or meet in person) and discuss what you would like to know about them, what challenges they are experiencing, what you know about their past (if anything), and so on.  Then I connect to them to do energy work if necessary, and talk to them about your thoughts and concerns.  I will then share with you what they are communicating to me and vice versa.

If you only have ONE animal we will be working with, a Half-hour Soul Session for Animals ($99 U.S.) should be sufficient.  If you have more than one animal, I would strongly consider a One-hour Soul Session for Animals ($180).  Click below on Book Appointment Now to book a Soul Session for Animals.


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“She is completely sound for the first time in several months. We have been coming back to work slowly but she has a great attitude.”~~I did an in-person clearing AND energy healing attunement on a riding instructor/trainer’s horse. I did a cord cutting/clearing around what we think was the death of her mother at birth. I talked to the trainer a few days later and this was the response I received.


2)  Energy Healing Attunements–I will attune your horse or animal to give energy healing enabling him/her to give you or others energy healing.  This is an in-person session only.  If you are local, please contact me (text or call 512-931-4325 or to discuss rates.  Prices will start at $150 and may increase based on total services provided, driving distance and time.  If you are long-distance and want to bring your pet/horse/animal to me so that I can attune them to give you and others healing energy, please contact me (text or call 512-931-4325 or for rates and to assist with travel arrangements.