Let Love Save the Day CalligraphySoul Art combines two things I love: calligraphy and intuition. When you purchase your Soul Art, I will connect intuitively with your soul and channel the message it has for you (or for the gift recipient.) I will then scribe your message onto high quality archival-quality bright white paper using Copperplate Calligraphy. It’s an old style that is beautiful, simple and classic. The photo to the right was my message from my soul.

Each piece is 8×8″ and matted in a black mat to 12×12″. You can either leave as is or have it framed yourself. I may offer a framed version at some point but I think giving you the freedom to frame it yourself keeps the cost down and gives you flexibility.

Each piece requires intense time and skill to reproduce in a level of quality that suits my perfectionism.  🙂  I have been practicing calligraphy on and off for almost 30 years.  My intuition is something I use daily for myself and others.  Combining the two has provided me great joy and knowing that I am giving you something to refer back to and enjoy for years to come makes my heart sing!

Each Soul Art piece is just $99!!  Get yours now and order as a gift for holidays, birthdays, etc.  I guarantee this is a gift your loved one doesn’t have!  It will be a one-of-a-kind gift!

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I will also take commissions for your favorite quotes, sayings, etc. to be done in the same size and mat. The cost is just $54!

Commissioned Calligraphy WendyTo the right is an example of a commission I did of a quote.

Again, a commission can be for yourself or purchased as a gift!

Buy now, as each piece takes time and I usually have a list of pieces I am already working on.


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Abundance Word of the YearWord of the Year

For several years, I have chosen a word of the year as my focus for the year.  I do this rather than choosing New Year’s Resolutions that I never seemed to keep.  And I should really correct myself….my SOUL has chosen my word each year.  I listen to what my intuition is telling me and trust it.  I decided to offer you YOUR word of the year in calligraphy.  If you haven’t chosen a word, I can tune into your soul and get it for you.

This piece will be 5×7 and will not be matted.  This enables you to find a frame of your choice for your word!  It will be on the same archival-quality, acid-free white paper with black ink.

You can keep your word in a place where it will provide regular inspiration and if necessary, focus.

Utterly unique gift for yourself or a friend or loved one!!

The cost is just $25!!  Buy below via Paypal.