I’m the strongest advocate for my son that he could possibly have.  He has made insanely amazing strides over the years and I will never, ever stop believing in him and will never stop advocating for him.  I’ve tried countless numbers of therapies, supplements, protocols, etc. in my quest for him to live the best life he can possibly live.

I’ve used my intuition along the way over and over again.  And it started looooooooong before I ever started doing this work. 

Port Aransas me and Boys May 2015My son has Asperger’s and ADD.  But the diagnosis is irrelevant.

If you’re just beginning the special needs journey, are fairly new to it or maybe you’ve been doing it for years….you can get swallowed up in:

  • the acronyms

  • the therapy options

  • the diet options

  • the supplement options

  • science vs. nature

  • dealing with family, friends, doctors, therapists

  • the emotions (being pissed off that it’s happened to your child or children, the overwhelm at the tremendous work involved, the dreams of the life you and your child would have together changed maybe mildly or drastically, etc.)

  • the physical toll it takes on you

  • forgetting how to take care of YOU too


  • helping you confirm the route you should take

  • tuning into your child to see if there are options you haven’t considered

  • empowering you to trust your own intuition when it comes to your child (While we’ve all heard of a mother’s intuition, fathers have intuition too!)

  • clearing emotions or blockages that may be getting in the way

  • using my own experience to let you know you’re not alone

  • giving you special needs tools and resources you may not be aware of (We can always use more tools in the special needs toolbox!)

So, it doesn’t matter if your child is on the autism spectrum, has ADD, ODD, Down’s Syndrome or other chromosome disorder, physical disabilities, behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities or hasn’t even been diagnosed yet!!  It doesn’t matter if you live in Austin, New York, the United States, Australia, China, Europe, Mexico, India or elsewhere….  I can help!

I can help you to be the best special needs advocate your child can have!  Because I look at the whole picture….not just the child but also at you, the parent/guardian. 


I strongly prefer a 1-hour session if it is your first time speaking with me about your child.  However, I know that may not always be possible.  And 1 hour may or may not be necessary after the first session depending on how much there is to cover.  I leave the choice up to you.  🙂

Just click on the Book Appointment Now button below to schedule and pay for your session.  A half-hour session is just $99 and a 1-hour session is $180.

The majority of my sessions are conducted Monday thru Thursday in the daytime (Central time and availability is different each day), but I do offer some availability for weekday evening sessions as well.  You will need to email me at info@yoursoulspeakstome.com or call me at 512-931-4325 to schedule something outside my regular daytime hours.

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After the session is scheduled, I will provide a teleconference line that both parties will call into at the scheduled time OR it can also be connected to via the computer.  I use Zoom teleconferencing which can be accessed both by those in the United States and those around the world.  The teleconference line allows me to record the conversation for your future use.  There is NO guarantee that the recording will work, although to date, all have.

Most importantly, the session is confidential and no specific information will be shared without your permission (unless there is a legal request to do so.)

Call me at 512-931-4325 or email at info@YourSoulSpeaksToMe.com if you have any questions. 

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