Dear Julie: I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you’ve given me over the last few months. I was feeling completely lost, helpless and scattered when I first called you. Your insight and support have been invaluable. As we head forward into a new year, I have such a sense of excitement and possibility about the future. I’m starting a new business, ending toxic relationships, and truly getting to know myself in a way I never have before. I understand my needs and my boundaries on a much more profound level. Your ability to be flexible to my needs is uncanny. You have an amazing knack for knowing what is happening in a moment and being able to shift gears to met the needs of your client. My time with you exceeded my expectations. I have a greater understanding of myself and how I operate and how to keep myself motivated. You are part of the reason I’ve been able to shift my energy and focus towards positivity and creative drive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly divinely inspired.~Thalia Michelle, a.k.a. Tex, Thinking Mom’s Revolution
Thalia Michelle, a.k.a. Tex, Thinking Mom's Revolution
It was pivotal. I had done lots of therapy and coaching but that turned it around to the perspective that my family’s stuff and hurts weren’t about me and that I was meant for something better.~In regards to past life healing, Anonymous, Austin
Anonymous, Austin
Wow Julie, that really is a miracle! He seems calmer and more focused, and he is using some new words and concepts!!! Thank you so much Julie. I had no idea that much healing was possible in one session!~Jane Kraft, Atlanta, GA
Jane Kraft, Atlanta, GA
Highly recommend Julie for assisting life shifting!~Kim Taylor, Austin, TX
Kim Taylor, Austin, TX
Your readings are not scary, but they are sometimes spoooooooky how right on they are. 😉 ~Waylon Waddell, Austin, TX
Waylon Waddell, Austin, TX
I can always use some more “Julie” time!~Trece Spalten, Austin, TX
Trece Spalten, Austin, TX
Just a quick testimonial from a satisfied customer. Julie’s readings are insightful and accurate. The funny thing is that during every reading she has ever given me, she brings up something I’ve never said before in my life until that day. That’s what tells me she’s got that something extra which makes me keep coming back for more.~Kate Hollifield, IL
Kate Hollifield, IL
Got questions or need an energetic healing?? Julie has got the mojo! An as Intuitive myself, I find it is always easier to see what is outside of you than what is close, intimate. Attachments, hopes, & concerns can get in the way. So I have to rave about my recent session w Julie. She was able to clear my path physically, energetically, & intellectually. Thank you so much!~Lynnivere Post, East Texas
Lynnivere Post, East Texas
After your cleansing of me & my house today: I come home after running several errands, and the house feels different. I was a wee bit skeptical, protecting myself I guess. House feels different, I feel different. Lighter. Better. Healthier. I’ve lived here 16 1/2 years and it finally feels good to be here. It feels clean, clear, relaxing. You said there was a lot of dark energy here. I always knew it and felt it since I had it built. I thought I had cleared it out. I was wrong. Priceless.~KJ, GA
Ken Johnson, GA
I’ve been meaning to tell you… since you helped cut the Karmic Cord that had been stifling me, I was able to feel my yellow chakra for the first time! Thank you for mentoring me on this incredible journey!~Lorilei Drelbelbis, Chester Gap, VA
Lorilei Drelbelbis, Chester Gap, VA
Thank you so much! She was much better this evening. I could tell a difference immediately when I picked her up from school. She was happy and upbeat. We cleaned and saged her room and she has crystals to wear and take to school. I taught her the bubble and we did yoga. Thank you for the tools to keep ourselves safe.~Mary
Thank You Julie for the experience and thoughtfulness that you provided today. I know that the connection that you made with my family will allow all of us to move past the darkness and into a lighter and less burdensome relationship on both planes of existence. It really is about “pure” love. In the physical world I always felt strings attached to the love and I am completely at peace with the fact that you were able to cut these strings. I know that they now understand that these are unhealthy and unnecessary, that I can love and respect without control or expectation, because I love unconditionally when allowed. Looking forward to learning more and having you a part of my journey.~D.K., Bastrop TX
Dee Koehler., Bastrop, TX